Character for Pimpin all over the WORLD!

Waz up everyone.(cant use my ghetto slang since i will be punished for:D )
Anyways this is the character i have been working on and asking on how to model a bananacoughbandana in the modelling section.Finished modelling him and going to start texturing him, hopefully animate him pimpin.Oh and i also need to add hair.Anyone know how to model an afro and some bling(Gold Chain)??:confused:
Comments welcome:p .Crits too but go easy on me ok.Its my first model.
Anywayz here it is:

its very square.

Some subsurf would make it look alot nicer.

Ok took in account the advice.Here it is subsurfed.

and in a different view:

Much better.
Look up a tutorial on the particle system. For the fro. For a chain, just model one link, and dupli as necessary.

Saxofoner:I appreciate for posting in my threads and helping me as much as possible.just wondering, are the particle systems animatable?And how can i jet it to shape into a nice curvy circular fro???

Looks like a lego man after my dog chewed on it

LOL dont make fun of him!:mad: :slight_smile: :wink:

nice, especially subsurfed.


Okay here is an update.Added some hair.Tried my best to make the boxy look away.Also tried to add some realistic creases on the clothes.
Comments and crits welcome;) (and dont make fun of him like Enriq766,LOL):o:mad: :smiley:
Oh and if i make a chain and want to animate it do i use armatures,any help or mini tutorials would be appreciated!

Waz up everyone!
Here is an update.Updated on the Bling Bling!!!Anywayz here it is.Do you guyz thin i should rig it or texture it first???:confused: :rolleyes:
C & C welcome.

Anyone???:confused: :frowning: :mad:

Rig first. That way you can change pollys if the rigging causes problems with angles on bends and whatnot. Once you know the pollys are there to stay (final) then is a good time to texture it, especially if you wanna use UVmapping textures.

Texture it first, rigging comes after…at least i think

LOL im confused.:confused: But i think ill rig it first!:rolleyes:

YAY riggin is coming along fast!!!Post some screen shots later.Im about to sleep!

OH OOOOOOO!!!:frowning: I ran into a problem.
I was rigging and weight painting following this tutorial:

I weight painted all of the hand for the wrist and palm bone which should have rotated and mover the whole palm.But when i paint the whole palm and then go to pose mode and rotate the bone i get results like this?

I really need help in this matter.Any help would be truly appreciated!

It looks like you might have missed some vertices while weight painting. Move the hand to some extreme pose, then paint the vertices that lag behind. Also, the hand bone should only effect the palm and wrist. Once you weight paint the finger bones the entire hand will move if you move the hand bone, since the finger bones are parented to the hand bone.

thank you very much.i just deleted half of the model and started all over again cause it gave me a headache!just wondering.Can i weight paint alf of the model then duplicate and merge vertices,would it be responsive to the armatures?

Please reply anyone?

Before you continue you may want to read the entirety of the BSoD Character Animation tutorial (or at least modeling through rigging & weight painting), many of the answers to your questions are there.:wink: