Character: Irken Crewman (from Invader Zim)

I found this model sheet and then decided to make a 3D version of him ^^
Nothing too much complicated here…just some simple forms


See ya

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vinicius , thats funny , lol
i like the jetpack detaill

pah essa cor e ‘‘brega’’ :stuck_out_tongue: poe preto

wow you kick ass

Invader Zim FTW!

Nice work :slight_smile:


Brilliant adaptation!

Are the spots in the eyes specular reflections, or a texture?

Looks great. Very nicely done.

you can make him toon edges from the render window. There’s a edge panle for that. That way your renders would look even more like the original.

Now that hot!!Nice work Vinicius.You don’t even have to celshade it to know it would look just as good as the original.Great modeling. :smiley:

this is great work!!!
your model looks exactly like the original (except for the toon thing)

you really kick ass!

/me is waiting for the animation, holding his breath …
Nice work !

Thats excellent. One crit: the reflections on the eyes are just mirrored…have a look at the original artwork.
Otherwise, I think this is superb.

Thanks all ^^

Ammusionist, the spots are textures. I searched for more references of him, and found some statues of invader zim, where those spots was painted on the eye. It looked cool, so I did the same ^^

Hippie, Im not a big fan of the toonedges in blender. I tried, and it work with simple objects, but in things more complicated like the cloth of Irken, the result dont satisfied me

edheltar, for now…no animations ^^

code_astro, I just noted that after the render…and was too lazy to redo it. So I left this way ^^

I tried some toonshading just for curiosity, and here is it

See ya

Try harder. I think you have to play with the smooth normals to get the results you want.

put edges too… i think it will make the model great… congrats…


+.9 The only flaw is the two antennas sticking out of his head. Compare it to the original, they are a bit short.

Great job! What were your toon shading settings?

Updated version looks way more awesome.
Definately keep it that way.

And pleeeeeease, make an animation. :wink:
That would be so sweet.

brilliant work!
when does the animation come out :smiley: