Character Making

I’ve been trying to make an animation, but currently the vram usage is very high (3.9GB on main GPU and 3.2GB on second GPU). I’d appriciate it if anyone can help to reduce it as the scene still doesn’t have any environment to it and the character still doesn’t have hair.

The amount of triangles on the character is 269,296 (1x Subsurf Modifier).
I’m using Branched Path Tracing for faster rendering (The rendered image (640x1080) took my PC 2 minutes and 30 seconds on average).
Tile size is 256x256.
Without enabling the experimental feature set (effectively losing SSS) the vram usage went down to 3.2GB on main GPU and 2.5GB on second GPU (-0.7GB on both GPU).
With default material it goes down to 2.4GB on main GPU and 1.7GB on second GPU.

I think best way to go is to disable experimental feature set, but trying to get the SSS looks has been disastrous for me.

This is on Blender 2.75.

Are you still having the memory problem? Or have you solved it? I have a thing or two in mind, to reduce your memory consumption a lot.