character mesh collision test.

i am trying to make a test animation where the character is sitting at a table, there are some objects on the table and i’m trying to animate the character swiping those objects off the table. the collissions and rigid body simulation between the objects and the actual table are fine, but i dont know how to make it work for my character. i’ve set the character to passive and active, but nothing happens.
plz help

You really need to include more information and even a blend file. I will assume your character’s arm swipes the objects off the table and that the arm’s movement is controlled by an armature. As far as I know objects moved by an armature do not interact well with rigid bodies. One way you could do it is to parent another object to the arm and have that move the objects on the table. I have attached a simple example. The arm’s movement is controlled by a bone; I have vertex parented another cube (hand) to the arm. The arm is not a rigid body; the hand is a passive rigid body with Type animated selected as shown below. The ‘food’ is an active rigid body and the table is passive.

You can turn off rendering of the hand object so that it does not show on your final animation.

RB_arm.blend (602 KB)