Character mesh gets distored when changing the direction of elbow

Hi, first time here. Just started using blender today. So the tutorial I followed went pretty smooth. It’s a introduction to character rigging. But the problem I’m having has to do with what the character mesh is doing. After parenting the mesh to the armature, the arms on the mesh become twisted, like play dough. I ended up changing the rotation on the forearm with the pole angle, so when he crouches it looks fine, but if I ever wanted to change which way the elbow faces ( like if i wanted him to pull his arm back for a punch) how would I go about doing that without the actual mesh getting distorted?:confused:

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Post a file so some one can get in there and look around at what you are working with. Simple descriptions aren’t enough. To get help, someone really needs to see what you have before they can suggest a solution.


Yeah I didn’t have time to put in the images and file, but I’m editing the main post now, thank you.