Character messed up

I don’t know how to explain what happened. I left for 3 days came back and when you start the game triangular chunks are gone out of the character. (By the way when I got back the character set at no collision now said it was invisible.) (Also this game is a WIP so any suggestions so far would be helpful.) Here is the .blend

Thanks for help

Throughout the day the entire game has gotten worse, I just keep coming back in to find textures disappearing,and all of the problems already there are still the same. I could use some help

Pleading for help (<- That is a bit exaggerated, but not the rest of it)

So after posting this I messed around with the textures and stuff for the character, and now the triangles are gone, but the textures even after deleting and re creating them the will not re-aprear.

What version are you using? There is a chance it is a bug

I am using 2.70 (Or I was I just updated). but since I updated some textures now work but others still are not working right.

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Thanks, that was weird because they were originally working correctly, but stopped when I left for some time, but I have worked on converting the images to .png and now they work. Plus thanks I had just figured out what was wrong with the character

They actually recently brought PSD support back into Blender (I think in 2.70? I’ve been using PSDs again since then at least), I like them as working files since they support layers but save much faster than TIFF. That said, it’s best to export to a format with a smaller filesize when you distribute the game, since layer support is only necessary for working files.

And on that note, I recommend .dds file format. They remain compressed in vram.