Character Mocap in 2.6


I’m new to blender (compared to you guys at least). Does anybody know if somehow, without any plugins, it is possible to perform character mocap in the new blender version? I refferance guys in suits with markers all over their bodies, with two cameras, that blender can turn into animations. I’m working in game development, so I’ll need hundreds of animations. Also, can I edit the mocap to fit my needs?

Well, Maybe you can direct me to an addon, but please only if it’s from the site

Let me summarise: Maybe object mocap would be a better discription (I’m still using it on characters). I have things that I can’t use like facial mocap where I just use one shot. Is there some way to use two shots of film (each shot representing one axis) and create an empty for both axis (I know the rest from here)

Thank You

in the last summer of code, benjy cook developed the mocap tools.

One thing. maybee I should have said this earlier. I have many Uniquie animations. I would like to make my own footage files, go into blender, and it would make my files animations that I can in turn edit with standard anim stuff.

I say this because I can’t tell from the manual

You can do it with the trunk build of Blender (official version from There are a few limitations you need to be aware of:

You need 8 tracking points per object. Be this a bone, sword, helmet, or whatever, you need 8 tracking points.
You need to have some footage of the camera moving to solve for lens distortion. Preferably this footage is in the same video file as your animations. This is so that Blender can solve for the camera movement and set up a tracking scene where it’ll figure out exactly how your actor is moving.

The basics of object tracking are explained here: I’m about 90% certain that the same technique can be used for mocap, you just need 8 tracking points per object. I haven’t exactly figured it out myself, but try adding an object tracking constraint to each one of your bones, linking that to each object that you tracked (human bone), then make a keyframe for every frame and clean up the animation that way.

Also, you only need one angle for this.