character model examples

(Atomike) #1

I’ve been wanting to model some animals, and people are telling me subsurf! subsurf! which is fine, but seems quite difficult compared to regular mesh modelling. I’m not looking for super-realism - just cartoony looking characters that are semi-easy to build and operate. I was wondering if someone could perhaps post a .blend with a character or two so I can see how you made your characters. I think some examples may help get me out of my learning rut. Anything cartoony would be great!

(cree) #2

I recently completed a cartoony dinosaur with a ball cap intended to look like a crusty old drunk that hangs around dive bars. It isn’t the best since I am fairly new at this myself . It is rigged and skinned for animation. I would not mind sending it to you if you are interested.

(WeirdHat) #3

Try looking at the Blendo model on the BlenderChar website. It’s a very good model, IMO.