Character modeling/texturing

Hi all,
I have a Manuel Bastioni male character that I made. Now I am looking for a 3D modeler to model his head/face (from pictures), make his texture with hair (& ‘rising’ beard if possible), a short and T-shirt (for doing yoga, can be on the texture too?) and decimate him if possible.
Basic rigging from MB is kept. Download theMB file in case you want to have a look:
Thank you

Are you still looking for someone to create the character?

I love designing Characters and can work in both Low Poly Hand Painted and Low Poly with all the Maps needed for a high quality model
Artstation :
SketchFab : Mark Krawiec on Sketchfab - Sketchfab

Contact me at [email protected]

hi there! I love character work. Let me know if you still need someone.

I’m interested in modeling this for you if you still need it here is a link to some of my work

Hi ! My name is Robert Gheciu .

If you want some help I am an character artist .

Here is my website to check out my work . And there you can see at the top my emai adress to contact me if you want me to work for you .