Character modelling and shot design [NUDITY]

I’m doing the Modelling workshop on Blender Cookie. A bit of sculpting this week. Not what I usually do.


Some more detail.


A different character - just playing with concept, probably won’t take it further at this stage.


Another rough concept. Prosthetics this time.


Another concept


Are you looking for help on your sculpting?

Thanks, but no. I’m using sculpting to explore ideas at the moment, not spending much time on end results. Sort of like sketching.

It’s a fun journey, :slight_smile:

Another concept.


This one’s a clothes hanger. Clothes to follow.


looks neat :smiley:

these creatures are very alien-like and unique!

Blocking in some clothes. I might be done with this concept for the moment. I’m mainly concerned with ideas for characters at the moment, not spending any time on details.


This one is based on a character by Chris Totten from his book Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity. I didn’t zombify the character as he did. Also I’m exploring the solidify modifier for clothes, particularly as I’m planning on sculpting this some time. No actual sculpting yet. First head I’ve done by poly modelling without following a tutorial, so must be learning something.


I dont know why most of the people who use sculting , make insane muscle characters, ugly things, monsters and so :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW nice pictures in your blog

Thanks (about the blog) :slight_smile:

Monsters - I find it easier to be creative, to come up with different forms, using sculpting.
Musclemen - I’m learning anatomy, and well-defined musculature generally means well-developed musculature. I find this easier with sculpting too.

In both of these areas one can concentrate on the forms and forget about topology, which is always an important consideration when doing polygonal modelling.

BTW, slight irony, considering your avatar.

I was just watching a tutorial and picked up a (IMO) really good tip. When sculpting you can create a new blender window and put photo reference in there. That way you can sculpt without taking your eyes off the reference images. If its not clear what I’m talking about look here also its a nice tutorial (although incomplete).

A character I started on a while ago and lost for a while. More work needed. Mostly poly modelling with some sculpting to finish.

The author of the book this character is based on wrote

Her thin arms and legs appeared unnaturally long they way they grew out of her body; a young sapling covered with human skin.

Sort of the look I was going for.


I know i can be an ass, but i didnt know i could make a decent one.

Btw (again) you are supposed to be a girl , you could say something about my girl model.O like the calf area of your model, very natural, i havent achieved that

A dual monitor display is perfect for this.

Nice character, nice silhouette ,seems to be perfectly suitable for animation/rigging.:smiley: