Character: mouse

This little guy started out as modelling practice and ended up an experiment with fur. The animated static particles feature in 2.34 is pretty cool.

Very Nice.

My only gripe is that where the fur gets darker it’s a solid line and should probably fade instead.

That fur looks really nice!
I love his expression and his whiskers, and how the fur on the tail gets thinner. Are you going to post a tutorial?


Cute! Looks kind of like a combination of a puppy and a mouse though :wink:

endsdawn: thanks. the places where the light transitions to dark is where it goes from long to short fur on a real mouse. The lenght in fur didn’t create quite the contrast that I wanted, so I made it darker too. I might have taken it a bit too far though :wink: .

paroneayea: It does look a little like a puppy. Maybe the legs are too long. I think this pose contributes to his puppiness too (raised paw, ears down).

looks more like a pupy to me
still looks cool tho :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks absolutely perfect for something like a teddy bear, very nice!


that is so cool. i think it’s awesome

very cute. what was the render time? and how many particles? and is there a tutorial on the way? :smiley:

jim ww

Not bad. The fur seems…wrong somehow. The lighting could be better and he kinda looks like an otter/mouse rather than a pure bred mouse. But, I’ve seen quite a few crossbred otters/mice in my day so…


Keep it up!

enderwiggin and catfish: thanks

jimww: don’t know the exact render time but it was fast enough that animation would be possible. I could probably whip up some kind of tutorial.

dittohead: the fur looks wrong for several reasons: 1) fur (and hair) is translucent, and particles aren’t. 2) blender shades particles whose normals face directly at light sources. the end result is the fur closest to the light source is dark :frowning: . 3.) Particles don’t seem to accept shadows from objects.

Until we get those 3 things, photorealistic fur with blender probably won’t be possible (unless you are absolutely uber with lighting, which i’m not ;)).

Looks pretty good. Pretty good fur, better then I can do :stuck_out_tongue: To get rid of the puppy look, try shortening his/her legs, and make his/her snout pointier.

nice particle fur.


look at the docs for a good way to get a translucent hair. It has something to do with using a halo. Works quite well for some things.

here is the link. Its almost at the bottom of the page. In the section called “Static Particles”

mr_bomb and @ner: thanks

4go10soul: I’m working on a tutorial. It’ll be a couple days till its done.

HEADCHEESE: thanks for the pointers. I haven’t obtained better results with that info so far, but I’m going to keep trying.