Character must not attack while moving

My character is doing the attack animation while it moves when I press the attack button. I want my character to stop while I press the attack animation while moving

Assuming you are asking for help and not just making a statement, you can easily get around this by making use of the actuator sensor, the logic states or if you are using python by simply deactivating any motion actuators or putting any motion calls within a condition.

More specific advice can be given if you describe your situation a little better.

I want my character to stop moving when it plays the attack animation. Because when I go forward and do the attack animation, it moves forward and doing the attack animation. I want it to stop moving if I press the attack button.

i use “loopstop” for animation style when press “w” (for walk animation) button. In addition again i use “loopstop” for “stand” animation. It really works. no problem. If you use loopstop style for animations i think it will work properly.

it didnt work it still moves. I want it to stop moving while I press the attack key and do the animation. Because when press the forward key and the attack key, it does the animation while moving forward.

Attach an ‘actuator’ Sensor to the And-controller connected to the forward Motion Actuator.

In that ‘actuator’ Sensor set the name of the actuator that does the attack, and set the Sensor to Invert

can someone do it for me? pls?