Character Physics Type

So I am trying out the latest version of blender and am just trying to create a cube character I can control. I use character physics type and I would like to use servo motion with it but I ca’t figure why this combo won’t work. Any help would be great. Also if servo control or character physics types are bad ideas for a controllable cube just let me know.

The Character physics object doesn’t appear to use Servo control as opposed to just plain DLoc, it might be because it’s not a full-fledged dynamic type, but more of one that apply a minimal set of physics designed for characters.

Anyway, there’s a few things you can do to improve the character logic.

1). Use a collision sensor to control a motion actuator to apply a constant upward force to the character, otherwise he might fall way too fast
2). Use the Cylinder bounds in the physics panels as that seems to be the most responsive to steps.
3). Use the new character wrapper in which a base for it is in 2.65, some improvements have been made since then so you might get better use with a trunk build.

The character physics is not a dynamic physics type, and, therefore, it cannot use servo motion. Instead, just use dloc and drot. You might have heard bad things about using dloc, but the character physics type has special code to handle collisions even when using dloc.

Hey thanks both of you. But, with floc and drot, I have had past experiences of a character boning off walls if walked into for too long or too hard because the character actually moves into the wall a bit and so is flung back. But I’ll test it out thanks again.