Character: Pirate

Uh first post … i have started with 3D about 2 moths ago and i didn’t work with any 3D program before … at least no longer than two weeks or so. This is my first character … well i have already done one head and one body without face so technicaly i shoud say this is my first complete character … well he is not finished yet :slight_smile: but iam working on him. Yeah i know it does’t look very good and i’am not very pleased with the result but that is what i have so far … i didn’t work on details yet so there is a lot of flaws yeah i know … may be i will fix it later … but this is supposed to be only a test … i just wanted to try to model a body thats all … as you probably noticed in my title i’am going to creat a pirate and this is just a ordinary human model so i’am going to creat also some clothes and later i will delete the body and i’ll replace it with some clothes :smiley:

So here is the result but don’t take it very serious its my first character and i know there is a lot of flaws

for these who are interested here is the wireframe
And here are some WIPs but rather don’t look at it :slight_smile: yeah and btw its on my personal site which is in czech language but pictures are international right? …

And may be you are interested what is my pirate supposed to look like so here are some sketches:

My first very rush and little less rush sketch:

Yeah i know its not a regular pirate with wooden leg and so on but he is supposed to be a pirate captain :slight_smile:

Base blueprint … well it was just a try
very rush blueprint sketch for the pirate:
And finaly something useful … blueprint for clothes … that is what i’am going to create
And pirate and clothes :slight_smile:
and finaly one bluprint for head:
Funny thing is that i almost didn’t use them …

Well and thats all … its not finished but C&C are welcome anyway :smiley:


Very good model. I’m seeing two different characters in the same body here. One in the face and legs, who is fit and healthy. And another in the torso and arms, who has been living on the high seas for a few months with a bad diet. The definition of the muscles communicate that he is doing hard labor every day. I think you should decide what kind of pirate this individual is and change the model to fit that role. For instance, if he is a captain then he may be eating pretty well and you would want to fatten him up a trifle. If he is crew, then I think you would want to emphasize his gauntness.

I think his legs are a bit short. And there is something odd about the face. Can you give us a close-up of the face?

BTW, you should give yourself more credit. This is very good for a frist, or almost first, model. Hell, it’s also good for an n-th model.

Well about body … i think you are right :slight_smile: i’ll think about it but it’s not very important for my chraracter because i’am going to repalce the body with clothes as i said before but i may use this model later so i’ll probably fix it.

About legs … yeah it seems you are right … it should be 8 heads high model but i guess that i have modeled it wrong … i’ll fix it for sure :slight_smile:

thanks for tips :smiley:


you should really give yourself credit, I think the model is quite good. I like the mustle definition on the legs and arms and also the pectoral muscles.
One thing though, I think his hips are a bit too wide and round, a bit too much like a womans hips. And the waist in turn is a bit too slim.
But overall it’s a really nice model, I really hope you have the perseverance to finish it.

— Elubie

Hi and thanks :slight_smile:

About hips yeah i can see it now it really looks much like womans hips i’ll fix that :slight_smile:
and thanks to everybody for C&Cs I’ll post my update with some corrections soon …


I’am back and here is a little update. I have changed proportions as some users suggested (what do you think about it now?) and i was also trying to rig my character … i don’t know much about rigging yet so it was my first try and well … it’s definitely not what i was expecting … i have read documentation and so on so I know how it works and I have setuped rig for my character and bones are quite fine they work how i would expect but model deformations definitely don’t work how i would expect … i have skinned my character and I have tryed some different approachs of skinning but it doesn’t work very well … especially with shoulders (i know shoulders are always little tricky) and with fingers, hips and so on … i was able to set up only very decent poses like that what you can see below.

I don’t know what I’am doing wrong … may be this model is not very suitable for rigging … especially for newbie like me :slight_smile: may be some cartoonish character would be better … i think i’ll model some character like this and I’ll give it try …

But what about this character … do you think he is not suitable for animation ? Or how should I rigg him … i saw one video tutorial about character animation recently and there was a guy animating cartoonish character and it was working how i would expect i mean muscles motions, deformations and so on … he had also some problems when he was animating but not that kind of problems what I have because I’am not able to set up any “more extreme poses” because of weird deformations. Yeah I know why it happens but don’t know how to fix it. Should i use some weighting or something like this? I don’t know much about it but I guess it may be quite important.

So does anybody have some tips about rigging? Or some usefull links? I’am interested in setup for more complicated characters … aspecially in skinning and what to do to avoid weird deformations …

yeah and here is my progress so far :slight_smile:


About the proportions. They look OK now.

And about the rigging. What you’re probably doing wrong, is that you have an infinitely small joint. Take a look at the following image:

It’s supposed to be a leg-rig. The left one is wrong, because it does not allow room for the joint. The right one does. This way, you don’t get those folds in joints.

oh I see … well this may be an option but strange thing is that i never saw it doing this way … I have already saw some rigs and it was setuped the way what I’am doing that … and it worked quite fine … even in the video tutorial what i have seen it was that way and it worked well. I quess that there must be also something elso because in blender (at least in my setup) it works very mechanical not very organic …

Well another update … just some clothes. It’s not finished yet as you can see … and before you ask no I didn’t forget to model folds on clothes :slight_smile: I’am planing to do that as a part of texturing …


He seems to have short legs again… There also seems to be something wrong with the way the collar connects to the jacket. The rest seems OK.

well i don’t think he has short legs because his legs are not finished (as you can see) and he is supposed to have really high boots :wink:

and about rest … well I will work on it :slight_smile:


Did you make your clothing for a pirate or corsair? His clothing is I think rather more gentlemanly than you’d find on a pirate. He looks like a general.

yeah i know what you mean … and he is supposed to look like that because he is the pirat captain :slight_smile: not a crew … I didn’t what a ordinary pirate from fairytale with wooden leg and hook : ) well pirates were humans like anybody else and they plundered other boots so they could be quite rich … check out my first sketch to see what is my goal :slight_smile: … with gun, sabre and skull on the hat he will look different :slight_smile:

just another update … nothing interesting so far … hmm and I’am not very pleased with results anyway :frowning: but I’am moving to texturing (btw my texturing skills are very poor :frowning: ) but at least I have learnt a lot of new things on this guy …

cheers Slux