Character Portrait


(ToshiCG) #1

A character I did for a client. I cannot share much info about the character or project at this time :slight_smile:

What I can say is that the new Random Walk algorithm for SSS (from the newest 2.79 builds) makes a big difference. It preserves details well and makes it easier to achieve “fleshy” skin.

A few more shots on Artstation

(Christian Lipski) #2

The shading of the skin looks indeed really good. I also like the golden lining of his ruff (had to look up this word on wikipedia :stuck_out_tongue: ). I really enjoy how you mixed elements of classic portraiture (eg his stiff and upright posture and the overall composition) with elements of photography (bokeh, bloom). Great job!

(alf0) #3

wow nice work its really amazing how you made the skin

(ToshiCG) #4

Thank Christian. I did use old paintings as a reference. I think they do something similar to DOF by painting the out-of-focus stuff with broader strokes.
I did learn a few new words myself while working on this :slight_smile:

(ToshiCG) #5

Cheers alf0. Glad you like it. There is still a long way to go until realism but I keep at it :stuck_out_tongue:

(waaf) #6

Such a nice model and skin shader! It would be good if you explain your workflow!!!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #7

You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

(micro26) #8

Great work and love the theme.
I want to make something similar if i get the time.
Keep it up!

(özgür) #9

wow i like it, congrats.

(ToshiCG) #10

Hey waaf. Thanks!
The rough workflow is:
-start with a base mesh and get the rough shape in edit mode(with proportional editing)
-once I am happy with the shape I start multires sculpting up to level 4~5
-I do fine details in zBrush, then export displacement and normal maps.
-I paint textures in blender based on a modified version of this method. I tweak the textures in photoshop.

-apply my custom skin shader
-lights and rendering and endless tweaking :slight_smile:
Obviously each step is a process in itself. If you’re interested in anything in particular I could try to write some more.

(ToshiCG) #11

micro26 thanks and good luck with your project. Would like to see it!

ozgur Cheers~

(GIPeN) #12

He looks like an old Pedro de Valdivia, incredibly well done!

(魔大农) #13

Could it be Willem van Oranje?

Different eye colour (to hide his identity?), but he sure has his nose. :slight_smile:
Awesome work, btw.
If I may be very critical: His eyes are quite blue… (and he doesn’t seem like the type for spice :wink: )
Also his hairline on his forehead seems a bit sudden. Maybe reducing the hairs’ thickness would be enough to remediate this. A slightly more visible skull might further enhance this work’s realism.
Looking forward to seeing this one animated. Even the portrait seems to breathe.

(ToshiCG) #14

Thanks for the criticism! I am not going to tweak this one anymore but it’s always good have a list of things to improve next time.

(Daniel_Gordillo) #15

damn! I love that skin shader!