Character Portrait


(ToshiCG) #1

A character I did for a client. I cannot share much info about the character or project at this time :slight_smile:

What I can say is that the new Random Walk algorithm for SSS (from the newest 2.79 builds) makes a big difference. It preserves details well and makes it easier to achieve “fleshy” skin.

A few more shots on Artstation

(Christian Lipski) #2

The shading of the skin looks indeed really good. I also like the golden lining of his ruff (had to look up this word on wikipedia :stuck_out_tongue: ). I really enjoy how you mixed elements of classic portraiture (eg his stiff and upright posture and the overall composition) with elements of photography (bokeh, bloom). Great job!

(alf0) #3

wow nice work its really amazing how you made the skin

(ToshiCG) #4

Thank Christian. I did use old paintings as a reference. I think they do something similar to DOF by painting the out-of-focus stuff with broader strokes.
I did learn a few new words myself while working on this :slight_smile:

(ToshiCG) #5

Cheers alf0. Glad you like it. There is still a long way to go until realism but I keep at it :stuck_out_tongue:

(waaf) #6

Such a nice model and skin shader! It would be good if you explain your workflow!!!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #7

You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

(micro26) #8

Great work and love the theme.
I want to make something similar if i get the time.
Keep it up!

(özgür) #9

wow i like it, congrats.

(ToshiCG) #10

Hey waaf. Thanks!
The rough workflow is:
-start with a base mesh and get the rough shape in edit mode(with proportional editing)
-once I am happy with the shape I start multires sculpting up to level 4~5
-I do fine details in zBrush, then export displacement and normal maps.
-I paint textures in blender based on a modified version of this method. I tweak the textures in photoshop.

-apply my custom skin shader
-lights and rendering and endless tweaking :slight_smile:
Obviously each step is a process in itself. If you’re interested in anything in particular I could try to write some more.

(ToshiCG) #11

micro26 thanks and good luck with your project. Would like to see it!

ozgur Cheers~

(GIPeN) #12

He looks like an old Pedro de Valdivia, incredibly well done!

(魔大农) #13

Could it be Willem van Oranje?

Different eye colour (to hide his identity?), but he sure has his nose. :slight_smile:
Awesome work, btw.
If I may be very critical: His eyes are quite blue… (and he doesn’t seem like the type for spice :wink: )
Also his hairline on his forehead seems a bit sudden. Maybe reducing the hairs’ thickness would be enough to remediate this. A slightly more visible skull might further enhance this work’s realism.
Looking forward to seeing this one animated. Even the portrait seems to breathe.

(ToshiCG) #14

Thanks for the criticism! I am not going to tweak this one anymore but it’s always good have a list of things to improve next time.

(Daniel_Gordillo) #15

damn! I love that skin shader!

(FXR) #17

ToshiCG - Your work underlines the “potential” for blender. Recreating master works in a 3D environment. I say “potential” because I’ve seen other similar works recreating the Pieta, David by Michelangelo, and some Dutch paintings. Of course there are others, and are increasing in number.

This is not merely art but high art. Which I hope becomes a burgeoning trend. Because Blender and a few other 3D programs have gotten much more powerful and user friendly. And of course, less expensive, a huge point. Meaning the availability of tools encouraged use.