Character rig

This is the rig I’ve been working on for biped characters. I’m unsure if this will be a useful tool to have around. It is IK and FK rigged with controls for rolling the foot, bending the fingers, opening the mouth by moving the jaw. My hope is that it saves an awful lot of time to have this on file to bring out for any characters, but it certainly isn’t a one size fits all sort of thing, so far it just gives me a head start with the constraint work on character rigs. I’d love to know if anyone has better methods for speeding up the rigging process.
Software: Blender 2.78

Resources and References used

Looks really good – I’d love to try it out. I’ve found it easier to apply a pre-existing rig to a character in most cases since you have complete control over the vertex groups and such, rather than letting Blender create all that stuff.

Looks nice! If you are looking for something faster though I recommend the riggify addon that comes with Blender. It’s quite versatile and you can modify it to fit your needs.

Thank you, Yeah I’ll definitely make it up for download on Sketchfab once I’ve set it up with a base character. I’ll post a link when it’s up.

I whole heartedly agree, the rigify addon is spectacular. I did use that quite heavily way back when, but I have been more focused on developing the skills for rigging.I think you’re right I should revisit rigify and that can save me a great deal of time. I will look into that, Thank you.