Character Sketches

These are two protagonists that I have sketched for a game I’m working on, see it soon in the works in progress page.

/me likies those fella’s, realy cool ^^

Yeah, nice drawing.

Uh, forgive the dumb question, but is the character on the left a mole? Anyway, nice sketches. These look like some pretty cool critters for a game. Animals and guns always go well together. When the animal is holding the gun, that is.

haha, yea it is a mole. I gotta give him some sort of gun too… What fire arms are moles likely to carry?

Giving an animal with notoriously bad eyesight some form of firearm seems to be a bad idea. :wink:

That said, perhaps a flamethrower? :slight_smile:

Probably the most intelligent thing EVER said on this board :]

id go with a lightsabre

LOL! that guy has a funny lookin belly! nice sketching.

nice, but shouldnt the mole have big as digging claws and hands?