Character: Troll

This is my first highpoly character in over a year!..its not even high poly really thanks to edge creases. Anyways its a cute troll… Its gonna be in a garden with a flower ^_-

wow, this took me a long time to figure out it was a face. There is so much contrast between the light and the dark it makes it hard to tell what it is or exactly what it looks like. But I admit it made me look at it long egough to figure it out. As near as I can tell it looks good but perhaps a bit of feel light would help.

It looks Great! Maybe a little more chin. Apart from that its getting there. :smiley: Sutabi you have a very unique style.

can i get a render with the spotlight puting a bit more attention on the side closest to us my comp doesnt do well with dark so i cant see anything but his face

nice, i like the way you did the mouth and chin. it looks more like a gremlin or a goblin than a troll though imo.

sorry for the darkness

I wanted to add hair with fiber but blender crashes when I change the Max Values. The thing ony its head is cloth… I only modeled the front of it and added some crappy texture to emulate cloth. The chin is buggin me though

You’re making good progress. As for eye brows I can’t help but think now since you got this far, are they going to be separate objects floating above the head? Or maybe painted on or modeled on using the K tool?

Hey you know, this might be a good opportunity to try out Basse’s YASWPH skin and ear material/ramp settings that he posted 23rd Nov. Theres a screen shot of the material settings. The setting might prove very interesting on your model. :smiley: