Character turns purple when i render it! Help!!!

So im using Manuelbastioni LAB character generator plugin for blender, and it renders fine in it’s own scene, but when I link the character to a different scene, and try to render the character with the rest of the scene all together, the character turns purple! Is anyone able to tell me why this is going on and how I can fix it?

it means the textures cant be found. cant say much else without knowing how your folder structure is setup.

try packing the images into the source blend. also make sure you have finalized.

I understand. Can you look at my blend file for me? I attached it to this post.


Character_File.blend (2.69 MB)

supplying the blend probably wont help, since the issue is what is NOT in the blend.

i have little to no experience with linking, so if there was an issue with the blend, hopefully someone can find it.

UPDATE: so I found an error message in the Manuelbastioni LAB in blender, it says these words exactly: “Dad has wrong name. Please fix it.” (‘Dad’ is the name of my character).

So I must have re-named something that I shouldn’t have or something? Please HELP!

i have never tried renaming anything in the lab, but i would imagine you cant rename unless your character is finalized. if you still see the edit parameters then its not finalized.

you can try contacting manuel via pm or post in the mblab thread in the released scripts section.