Character Turntable

I’m currently working on this character for a teaser pilot

watch in HD if you wanna see some fuzz

I used the new cycles strand patch for the fleece.

would like to get some feedbacks regarding the design. and topology (you can see it on the 3rd second)
I already know i have an issue to solve with his very frontal view.

that’s going to be his roomate

Other then that I’m also looking for people especially in berlin area, who are interested to work on a cartoon pilot. the screenplay is also still in progress but there is already stuff to work with.

I think you aren’t getting any replies because he looks so good, that there’s nothing to critique, here in the focused critique forum.

hehe, thanks for the feedback anyway :eyebrowlift:

Dude, awesome character is all can i say, well done.

Excellent work, snot_nose. Very visually-appealing characters. Love the clothes (clothes make the character, right?), the texturing, their fuzzy-wanna-hug-em quality.

I hope to be capable of this type of work someday. :slight_smile: