Characters: Seahorses

Great work on texturing and modeling. Really nice, I like it.


I can still see it, but it might even be my screen, or my eyes, or whatever, so don’t change it :slight_smile:

I like them. Very good color mapping and very good use of bump maps. I like that toony style those two have.

keep up the good work :smiley:

Awesome, fantastic, great, superb [!] [!] [!].

It seems you know Roberrtt personally, it seems he knows your name.


hehe looks pixar

Well, I guess everyone agrees that I emulated (stole) pixar’s style :slight_smile:

@ner: You said that lighting and shaders can be improved. Is there anything in particular that sticks out to you, or do you think it needs a little more put into it in general? By shader do you mean the specularity, etc?

Roger: The fins are transparent. You just can’t tell because there is nothing behind them to demostrate the transparency. Once they are in a more complex scene I’ll look into lowering the alpha.

Marcoscosci: I only know Robertt by his awesome artwork. He knows my name because it is on the image :smiley:

Thanks again all for the kind words and encouragement. Really helps ward off burnout to know that people appreciate your work!

indeed - being moer specific - you need to creat a more sea like enviroment… which I find very hard to explain but there are many tuts (but be subtle… no great chnge is needed!) as for the shaders… try making the chars look more organic - higher hard values… lower spec vakues… translucensy - transperency - and I think you can even put ramp to use on the hrse skin (you know how fish skin change his color when subjected to different intensities of light?).

It’s definitly great. To create a more sea like env. you could add some dust to the scene (I mean the little dots you see under water) and some light beems… I’ve been under water a lot the last days and I can tell you that the surface looks like a giant distorted mirror. Only when the normals of the surface points right at the camera then you are able to look beyond the surface. But that will become a hard shader to create…

The creases on the tails are now texture only, aren’t they? Maybe you could add some geometry there to make them more believable.

Keep up the good work…

Now it looks marvellous! :smiley: