Charactr walkcycle try

I am getting little tired of Ron Loo project so I decided to give some freetime myself and learn little of character animation. After few painful hours I came with this walkcycle- of stylyzed character- it is half man, half stone giant (no, he isn´t supposed to be another load of muscles like giant archetype in fantasy- he is just about 250 cm tall and will have stone artefact on his skin and will be fireproof:) )

So here it is, comments and critique welcomed :slight_smile:
(avi inside, 241kb)

Nice job Tol :slight_smile: It could do with a bit of secondary
animation on the hands, and the toes snapping
down after the heel contact to stop the feet from
looking like they’re rolling. But otherwise its got a
nice feel to it.


Thanx Nozzy for opinion ant tips :slight_smile:

I have also textured head of this character using new LSCM unwrap system and now I am heading to do it with rest of the body (don´t know how to start though yet :frowning: ) Nevertheless, here is it- there are no eyes yet :slight_smile:
Model of head is by Blitz, model of body, texturing and animation is mine :slight_smile:

That’s a very good body model and impressive stylisation work. Also a good walk cycle. His walk looks a little calculated and fashion model like — not necessarily bad, just an observation. Maybe that’s the fantasy look you’re going for.

Excellent work. Looking forward to the completed texture work.