Charizard fan art

Charizard Fanart made during a live presentation here in Brazil. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t take this down! lmao

Nintendo’s takedown requests are more related to people making money (even ad money) on Nintendo fan-games and remakes more than fan-art (otherwise a lot of major art sites like ArtStation would no longer exist).

In this case, it would only be a problem if he uses the image for commercial purposes (ie. selling prints).

As for the image, it looks like you got the form right, but the scale texture seems to lack variation (and why isn’t his belly yellow like in the TV show)?

Wow, nice work! I always love realistic styled pokemon fanarts lol.

Is the fire a photoshop overlay or is it part of the model? I’m just wondering cause I recently made a scene with a heavy focus on fire and I was wondering how other people are doing it.

Woah, this is actually pretty incredible! great work on this! Especially love the muscle definition

Hi! I actually just composed the fire on photoshop . This was actually a very fast job, made it all in about 5 hours. Glad you liked it anyway :slight_smile: Cheers!