Charles Barkley on Conservatives

Charles Barkley: Conservatives are ‘fake Christians’

I keep wondering what part of being a (privileged) basketball player (or a millionaire Tinseltown actor for that matter) it is that makes their statements so relevant (and politically sound.) I’d understand respected journalists and analysts, but celebrities? Does no one else see what’s wrong with this picture?

I agree with Barkley.

It’s because they are the circus part of “bread and circuses” that makes them relevant. They are part of the wheels that keep the grinding going. I suspect a lot of it is left over from High School, when the in-crowd was composed of athletes and thespians – who wanted to listen to wonks from the debating club?

Yeah, politics are more a popularity contest (also reminiscent of high school) and blind support for ‘our team’ than a mature effort to choose what’s best for one’s country. Very very true.

I disagree with Barkely.

Once again, generalizations are incredibly inaccurate. Much more so coming from a celebrity’s mouth. Anybody who takes them at face value is obviously in need of a serious reality check.

“Fake Christians”? I’m a fairly conservative person, as well as an Atheist. Maybe “Conservative Christians are fake Christians” is the better choice of words, but there are a lot of ‘Liberal Christians’ who, I’m guessing, are also fairly ‘fake’.

His support for Obama just because he would be a good role model for black kids is no different than a christian voting for another christian because he will be a good role model for their kids. Granted, Obama doesn’t run on his race, and that’s to his credit. Unfortunately, many people will vote for him for that very reason. Hillary is getting a lot - if not most - of the female vote as well (ironically, many of the women where i work aren’t voting for her because they don’t think a woman should be president. I don’t understand people. It’s like they’re trying to be as stupid as possible).

Bottom line: We’re not electing a role model, we’re electing someone to RUN THE FRIGGIN COUNTRY! It’s a whole separate thing, and i really really wish all the stupid people who vote based on petty things like this would kindly forget to vote, as the stupid people here are what’s wrong with this country. Blaming the government in a republic is just a round-about way of blaming yourself. We elect these people. If they are horrible at their jobs, we have no one to blame but ourselves.