Charlie Chaplin drawing

This one is also a school assignment, i made quite a few last shool year :wink: . I was experimenting with a crosshatching technique, it turned out nicly i think but next time i’ll use a pen or a fineliner instead of a pencil. My only critique is that the face turned out a bit too streched but i still like it. I’d like too hear your comments.

The drawing:

The reference image:


no i tihnk it looks pretty good.

notthing much wrong about it!!

the only things i notice are the chin being a bit large LOL
and the nose being out of perspective, but considering i know how hard it is to draw faces even from photos i consider it pretty good.


if u aren’t a genius madmesh i’m superman, htat’sidentic

the front of the buccal cavity is deformed. but otherwise, excellent drawing!

Thanx for the crits, a fresh pair of eyes always show a different view.