Charlie (Hazbin Hotel)

Say hello to Charlie from Hazbin Hotel. I had a lot of fun bringing this awesome 2D character into the world of 3D.

360 Turnaround GIF (~9MB)

Left: Subdiv Level 0 Right: Subdiv Level 1

Created in Blender and rendered with Cycles Engine.
-Modeled entirely from vertices for accurate topology, No sculpting.
-Clothing materials and shaders made using the ClothWeaver addon (
-Hair created with particles and grooming. Sides and back of Hair mass created, bangs were individually placed and brushed.

-Body Rig utilized Blender’s ‘Rigify’ addon.
-Facial rig was manually created. No Drivers, shape-keys or blend-shapes. All manually weight painted; faster to setup and much easier to troubleshoot if changes need implemented.

References of original 2D character




Nice work, I know it can be difficult converting a stylized cartoon character into 3d, but you did a pretty good job. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re #featured! :+1:

PS: I swapped the images as I felt the portrait shot worked better for the featured bar.

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Some constructive critique. The edge of the mouth is too rounded. It needs to be sharper like this:

Other than that it’s great and very true to the original concept.


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Yes, I completely agree! Do you have any tips on how to achieve that sharp corner and still maintain correct topology? Thanks!

Thank you! and thanks for swapping to the stronger image.

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Great work!:+1:

Shape keys. If you want the rig to be more automated, you could drive the shape key with a driver(driven by a bone for an example).

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great work man

Really nice! I think you nailed it pretty well - translating from 2D to 3D is very challenging. You realize what kind of bloody murder 2D concept artists get away with :slight_smile:

Lovely work :slight_smile:

What a lovely character!

PS i see you use Rigify. I made an addone which allows you to save custom MetaRigs so you can reuse them from the add menu. It can also save Rigify Rig Settings.

Perhaps you find it useful :slight_smile:

truly excellent!