CharMorph - character creation tool (MB-Lab based)

CharMorph 0.2 beta is here

New in this version:

  • Both male and female characters

  • Mesh hair
    Sometimes it’s impractical to use particle hair so mesh hair is bundled too

  • MB-Lab muscles rig is supported too
    It emulates muscles movement and deformations caused by it

  • New anti-scissoring knee and elbow joints

    To achieve such results a technique suggested by DanPro is used.

  • Hair refitting for posed characters

  • “SSS mix” option is added for skin materials
    SSS produces a lot of noise for me or requires really high amount of samples. But I don’t want to completely disable SSS. So I added an option to mix SSS with regular diffuse shader.

  • Tested on Blender 2.83 and 2.91, no compatibility issues were found so far.

As always bug reports are welcome.

This and other releases are at the same location:

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