Chase project: Attack flyer

Here is a model I am making for the Chase project at The subject is a sci-fi chase across a desert, and this is a small, one-man flying guard vehicle.
This is my original concept drawing (the bottom right image is the one I am working on):
And this is my progress on the model so far:
Please be critical, and make suggestions for the flier as well. For previous progress as well as more updates see the blenderprojects thread.

What I’m assuming is the seat in the back there is too reclined I think. The driver would have to be lying down, and that doesn’t make for very aware high speed chases. At least it makes sense to me. Other than that I like the design.


Veach: The pilot does not lie down on the padded seat when he is chasing, he has a leaning forward posture with his legs astride the seat as if on a motorcycle. I’ve made an experimental position for him using the ‘skinny guy’ model.
I’ve also added missile pods, here is an image without a pilot:
Please give crits on the pilots position as well as the model.

Edit: Will… not… double… post!
I have redesigned the seat, it is now more true to the original concepts. I have also added an engine. Finally, I scaled up the pilot (don’t worry, not the final model!) and re-posed him.
Please post… anything, but preferably crits!

i personally like the recline design, it seems practical. sit forward when you are moving fast, sit back and steer with your feet on those long voyages, like any hotshot pilot would. good concept, good designs. look forward to seeing it develop. :smiley:

jim ww

Finally, after two or so days, another update!
For those who say ‘Ooh, it must be something huge!’…
I have only recently returned to school after the holidays, resulting in less time to work, plus I am kind of stuck for ideas on how to make the jets bigger without ruining the model.
So I made the minigun.
Now, regarding the seat:
In my original design, the seat was pretty much the way I have made it - but people on blenderprojects did not like this design.
So, what are your thoughts?
As always, please post! And even register on blender projects as well if you want to be involved in the project!

I don’t think the bullet round is practically placed. Consider that this is a moving vehicle, there is air resistance, and the low-hanging round is liable to be snapped or drag against stuff as the vehicle is moving. Personally, they should exist behind the mini-guns and be fed in from the outside of the vehicle to the inside of the mini-gun, instead of being fed in from outside to outside. The only other thing I think ought to be changed is that the recline of the chair is too much, but that’s not a biggie. Overall, I really like this piece and look forward to seeing it in action.


No progress on the steering device, which will be two handles with small switches on them that the pilot grips (look at the position of his hands). There will be quite a large array of screens showing video feeds, engine information, communications, etc.
Now for what I have done:
The new engine design is on the advice of M-K at Blenderprojects. Are the engines better now, or worse? Do they need modification… for example have each the same size. Here is a closeup, btw:
Feedback please!

i like how this is progressing, about the engines: i think the tail of each thruster is cool, good look, but the way they integrate together on the side lightly bothers me. i know its more aerodynamic for them to stem from the same plane, but imho it needs some more detail on the sides. that’s the only crit, i like the reclined look, good job

Update time, sorry that this is about a day behind the blenderprojects post.
No progress on the controls, as I quickly decided to sort out the hanging ammunition problem.

Reminds me of the pod racers in Star Wars Ep. I

About the ammo problem… why does it need to be visible at all?

Because it looks cool? :stuck_out_tongue:
Lol, I’ll get rid of it if people think I should, I just liked the idea of an ammo chain… but really it wouldn’t be visible I suppose.

nice modelling!

On the gatlings: wouldn’t it be cool/practical to allow them to pivot marginally and be tied into the pilot’s helmet (like on an Apache)? Perhaps mounting them on some kind of spherical turret or articulating arm assembly? Too Starwars Ep 4?

Hmm… nice idea, I’ll see how it looks. Sorry for lack of update, I’ve been working all day on homework. I’ll try to get something done.

Double post and bump… I’ve just broken two important rules of forum etiquette. Oh well.

It is a long time since I updated this - if you were watching BlenderProjects you would see the latest updates. However, I have been working on it… Here’s the latest work.

I would like feedback on the positioning and shape of the screens, and any other criticisms about the flyer if possible.

To Do:
Connect the back of the seat to the top of the flyer.
Add detail to the controls.
Add foot pedals.
Model a few types of pilot.

Looking really cool. I like the 4 screens. Looks like my Dream computer set up lol.

Good to see this project still going.

On advice of forum members of BlenderProjects, I’ve modified the screen. Next step, if you approve, is to sort out the controls so the pilot does not have to stick his arms through the screen.