Chatacter test for upcoming small animation......

(LohnS) #1

tree’s, grass land, weird animals, calm music, i’ve always wanted to do an animtion like that, so i thought i would =).

i made this animal a while ago and never got to put him into a scene, so i thought this would be a good chance to give him some praise, so i rigged him and thought i’d test to see if the IK’s are workging etc. Its a really quick test, just went though some key frames to see if everything is ok…

comments welcome, also his paws are not to a high standard as he will be in grass so they won’t show =). Should have the animation done in the next week or so if everything goes to plan, i’ll keep posted up here =)

(rixtr66) #2

i dont know what the hell that was,but it was cool :o :o
the movement was excellent,i envy your organic modelling abilities.
very nice work.


(Zweistein) #3


Very Nice, I Like him. I think it s a “Dinosaurier”, am i right?

(LarsB) #4

this is a pretty nice animal. the movements look perfect!
btw: how did you do the sound of the creature (just you and a mic?)

can’t wait to see more…


(LohnS) #5

hey thanx for the comments guys =D.

well i have done about 4 hours more worth of key framing, i just had to end it with a little comedic jump away from a rolling ball. 8)

this time i cel shaded it, i’m not sure which is better though, i’ve looked at it too long now =P, so plz say which type you like best =)

Div-X, bit over 2 meg, you can also view it in full screen and it doesn’t look too bad =)

(Zweistein) #6

Test3 is extremely better.

(dreamsgate) #7

I agree, I like test 3 better, cartoon effect goesn’t really work with that animal. Love the smooth organic modeling in test 3.

(LohnS) #8

ok thanx for the input, back to un-shaded =)

test 5 coming up…

(LohnS) #9

here ya go, now you can compare =), any improvments etc?

(Bapsis) #10

Dude, that looked awesome!!!
The animation is done very well, are you going to texture him, or add some fur? I think with a little fuzz he’d look like quite a bit like a prehistoric horse. Great work man!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(LohnS) #11

thanx a lot Bapsis! =D

i did try some texturing, but i’m finding it a bit hard with this guy, thus the cel shade, but i’ll see how i go…

(BgDM) #12

WOW! I remember when you posted this character for us to see the first time. I was in awe then. Now, with movement, this is frickin incredible.

If you could give stars here, I would definitely give you 10 out of 5! Keep up the great work.


(LohnS) #13

hey thanx bg3D =D

well i did a bit more, i really need some critique though, so if you spot anything, just shout it out at me =D

(Eric) #14

BTW, there is a slight difference between Bg3d and BgDM that you might haven’t noticed yet. :smiley:

That’s some very good character movements you’ve got there.

(LohnS) #15

eek, yikes, sry i keep getting the name mixed up, i know the difference between them , i tlak to bg3D a lot in chat, just saw it weird when i looked at it quickly. Sry BgDM…

(BgDM) #16

No offence taken there NEO. Just don’t ever do it again :x :wink:


(LohnS) #17

phew hehe.

ok i’ve started on the full animation, i’ll post it up soon =)