Chateau Blanc House Visualization

Commissioned visual for CB House, designed by Studio Avana
Visual by Koma Visualization
Made with Blender 2.82 and Cycles Render
1500 sample + Super Image Denoiser

You can see more of our visual projects on our behance


Awesome work!

Any making of to show how to achieve this quality of render?

Regards, Samih.

I would have to agree with @merde10 and ask if it’s possible for some extra details. It’s an amazing render. Well done.

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Hi. I like your projects. They are impressive. :blush:


Thanks for the enthusiasm. We will provide more details soon. Anyway, it’s a simple setup with an HDRI from HDRIHaven, and some IES and Area Light for realistic lighting. For the vegetation, we mostly get from maxtree, converted to Blender. We have to use these assets to make the work faster as we were working on very tight deadlines. For the camera, we use 18mm full frame, to make it more realistic, as architectural photographer also usally use 18mm for wide shot.

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Thanks for the appreciation!