Cheap Hotel

Modeling done. This (hopefully) will be a darker, moody atmospheric scene. A night cityscape hdr will replace the lit plane outside the window. I may brighten the wall lights a bit to show off the old radio and pitcher and bowl on the dresser. Not sure though. I’m looking for critique on models, proportions and the like. I know it’s a weird POV but I’m liking it.
Thanks in advance,

looks good, but something is missing on the right side, in my opinion, and the door handle should be a little bit higher. Also a mattress is too… sharp? But the concept is nice, keep working! :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that the artist intends for the right hand part of the frame to be some kind of action-space. The composition certainly is interesting … “delightfully cheesy,” if you will. I particularly like how the three cheesy chairs are arranged in such a way as to show depth, while also further cordoning-off the left/middle vs. the right side of the space. The arrangement of the lighting fixtures inside the room is “somewhat odd” from this camera POV … visually it’s a little hard to figure out how distant the chandelier is. Yet the juxtaposition of the various “cheesy lights” further accents the oddness of the room.

“When I signed the record deal, my agent somehow forgot to tell me that there would be rooms like this …” :yes:

Thanks folks for taking the time to look and comment.
There is a throw rug between the bed and the right wall. I helps to gap the void. I my put a waste basket along the wall some where but I want to keep the room sparse.
I agree about the door knob but am now wondering if the door should be higher as well. The bed does need some work. I did some proportional editing on it but it needs something more to rough it up.
The chandelier is centered on the ceiling. Hopefully when the textures are applied that will show up more. Also I plan to light the face of the radio. That too my add to the depth.

Let’s see if this helped. I raised the door knob (decided the door was tall enough), brought up the lights a bit just to make it a little easier to see but they will come down again once the hdr is put in. Also lit the radio a bit (maybe too much but that can be adjusted) and added a component to the right wall.
Thanks again for any comments/crits.

Hopefully that should do it. I’ve added a couple of textures and I think fixed the mattress.

Please resubmit – attachment in post #5 can’t be read. (Maybe lost in the recent shuffle.)

Slowly but surely coming together. Lot’s left to do but thought I toss it out for another round of crits (which BTW I appreciate)

I think even cheap motels have slightly thicker mattresses than that. Also, the doorknob looks a bit high up. Some orangey light on the radiator might make the window’s view a bit more convincing. I may have stayed here once, in San Jose.

Some crits: i would change the color of the lamps(now they are blueish) to match the overall tone, if you don’t already changed. Looking at the front window: you can improve curtains, maybe using cloth sim, you can add some edge loops to the radiator at top and below so will be less “rounded”; lighting is a bit strange, as seems like coming not only from the lamps and outside.

The chairs are unconvincing. I think it’s the round legs. The design is of stacking chairs, which normally have square metal legs and chair back supports, and the back support is usually an inverted U shape rather than separate posts. I’d also expect to see an end table next to the bed.

On the bed itself, even cheap hotels provide sheets. Sheets hide bedbugs. Anyway, maybe you could put the sheets, blankets, pillow and a thin towel, folded, on the bed, as if the management didn’t bother hiring enough staff to actually make the bed, but provided clean sheets for the tenant to make his own bed.