What do you feel if a game developer uses a free low poly male mesh and makes a character based from that? Cheating or dosent it mather? Whould speed my progress allot if i use it. But feels like it aint my game anymore if i do it. What do you guys think?

Are you cheating by not writing your own game engine? If you have permission to use it, so what?

If you look like it that way then its not xD “You are free to use it for just about any use, commercial and personal, so long as you attribute the work back to the original author.” Dont really understand that. i can sell my game and stuff like that if i but the author in credits or?

In that case you are free to do whatever you want (commercial means you can sell it) with it as long as you credit the author.

I have just finished modelling my first basic character. (low poly)
Could have downloaded one but ultimately it’s more satisfying to do it yourself. I learned a lot this way. I’m not on a time limit though. I say it’s cheating though :stuck_out_tongue:

Kinda feels like you quartz, and if you make everything yourself that you can. then you dont have to worry about Copyright and that stuff

true kerion. Nice avy btw - did you make it?

Hmm dont remember. Made this account a few years ago xD Done allot of stuff since then xD But it feels like i wont make the demo in time if i dont use that low poly mesh and start working on animation/riggin/texturing and highpoly it :stuck_out_tongue: Hard to decide :confused:

Why not use makehuman to quickly create a rigged human and customize that?

Thats even worse xD then it truly feels that someone else did everything xD

It’s not cheating, it’s teamwork. Just give credit to your team. Also, research the license that comes with the free assets so you don’t get sued later.

The model is just one aspect. You’ve got the textures, animations and logic attached to the model that would done by you. By the time that’s all done no ones going to notice if the base model came from Turbosquid or wherever. Especially if you make any edits to the model. Plenty of big commercial games use for their textures, does that mean they’re cheating because they use others textures?

Yeah your right. Im using all my textures for CGtextures aswell… except the one that i make from scratch. And its allot more work then just the lowpoly one. as you said. animation. python. logic. texture. Highpoly. and everything like that. Clothes aswell xD

Usually, when you are a game developer, you are not going to be doing everything your self. You are going to have tons of people working on the same project. You are going to have modelers, programmers, level designers, writers, animators, etc, etc. If you see the credits in one video game, it has a lot of people: Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Halo, Final Fantasy, Red Dead Redemption, etc.

You will be using other people’s work and other people’s ideas. The people that work for you are getting paid to make stuff for you. Does that not sound like cheating? Maybe. But cheating is considered when someone is doing something that is unfair to others (in a game). Well, in your case it’s not, because you are getting everything everyone else does. Everyone has an opportunity to take that model and use it.

Having people help you is not bad, it is helpful. Using models from other people, isn’t bad either, if it helps the progress it does not matter. Trust me, in game design, not much is considered cheating. Unless you literally steal an entire game :slight_smile:

Good Luck with yours,

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