Check Out My Mustang!!!!

I was foolin around the other day and made this mustang. Mostly detail in back, I might do more later.
I especially think the reflections r cool.:cool:

Pack your textures.

That’s the spirit, blengine!

mikel_panky: That’s not bad, kid. I like it. Details on the rear of a vehicle are most important, for in what driving game do you spend hours staring at the front?

Whoops. I forgot about the passive age-appropriate posting etiquette here. Wouldn’t want someone to misconstrue anything that doesn’t have a smiley face. So, what I meant to say was:

“:confused: Pack your textures!1 :smiley: lolzor”

I put in the effort to try and open the blend and check out the model, because the silhouette looked good, but it was locked. The screenshot has a nice distorted photo, but in such a case I’m really interested in the modeling…

oops, sorry. I packed em this time.
blengine: wut do you mean distorted?

That looks good. The reflections do look cool, but it’s really too dark to see a whole lot.