Check out my WIP of a top-down 3d shooter!

(doogs) #1

Hey doogs here, check out my demo, it’s exe file can be linked in the main page, also check out all my other fun things on there :slight_smile:

also if you wish sign my guestbook :slight_smile:

take care

(doogs) #2

ohhhhhh my god ok its late its 2:30AM sorry… the link is


(OTO) #3

Hello Doogs

Your game is a little “old style” :slight_smile: but well made.
Not much to do rigth?
Keep Blending

(doogs) #4

it’s supposed to be older style. Not much to do yet, no but you can shoot and get the powerup… im working on levels…


(wavk) #5

Looks promising. I like the retro style:) Played a lot of these games. Keep working on it:)


(bmax) #6

i saw your website…it looks cool, but - Did you write your name with the ink-pen tool in corel painter(used to be metacreations painter)? 8)

its cool. 8)

(saluk) #7



Well, you could improve it a bit if you made the ship turn back to the center when you aren’t pressing any keys, no?

Still, very nice ship and special effects as well. And I like the opening sound and stuff, very professional.

(doogs) #8

A new version is now up, bit more updated, with a teaser level (sort of) – lots of alpha textures, so you might need a better videocard… Saluk, I fixed the keys, thanks for the advice. Any other tips?

heres the link again :smiley:


(saluk) #9

Good update. Now that there is scrolling, one thing that’s kindof weird is how the ship slowly goes to the bottom of the screen. Give the ship a constant speed so as to keep up with the scrolling. When you press up, make the force even more than that.

Also, the collision detection from the shots on the green things is a bit weird. The pod ammo will hit it no problem, but the ammo that goes straight passes right over them. Lower the empty that’s firing it maybe? I think it just might be a bit too high.

(doogs) #10


thanks :slight_smile: i was wondering if you could meet me online about 3:00PM -ish EST… I need some help, I tried to make the screen boundary (and camera parented) move slowly left and right whenever the ship moved, and i can’t figure out how to do this correctly, because it can’t mix an IPO and a force for some reason… plz help?



(Yamyam) #11

I Like it!! :smiley:

(jeotero) #12

no .blend file :slight_smile: ?

(S_W) #13

Hey, this game is cool! Old style, but still great! :slight_smile:

(doogs) #14

Okay, im sorry but when I said top-down shootemup doesnt that automatically mean “old style”? I dont mean to sound offensive but that was my point, to make 3d use of good old gameplay.


(digitalSlav) #15

haha sweet man! much better than before. weapon on the right is pretty weak but you’ll have that :slight_smile: keep em comin!

(jeotero) #16

no .blend file ? :slight_smile:

(doogs) #17

No blend file, no… I’m only releasing windows .exe files because I feel that it is how I want to distro the game. Sorry.


(Pooba) #18

You can open .exe files made with publisher if you have the key… :smiley:


(jeotero) #19

im a donator i have publisher , how you do that ?

(Pooba) #20

You just say “open” in blender and select the exe