Check the mesh??

Does Blender have a tool to check some mesh? to find errors, problems,…


Find non manifold edges, loose verts/edges or ngons in Select menu options or

What other things do you want to check for ?

go to the select menu and choose select >> non-manifold. that will find most problems, but not all types.
(edit) uh oh looks like I was too slow on the draw…:ba:

I want make a general check for a mesh that have problems when I export to max (Zbrush can open the model, but max no…) I have skipped the problem with other formats. But I want know ways to “clean” mesh in Blender for future works.


I generally go through select interior faces, select non manifold, remove doubles to find most of my problems. Since you have access to zbrush, you can also check the mesh there. Geometry/ check mesh/ fix mesh.

Yes, I know. But I wanted to know the way to make this in Blender.