Checker deselect and Nth selection

I don’t quite understand what that Nth selection does in Checker deselect tool.

I’m trying to select a pattern where I have always 5 not selected and 1 selected face on a circle loop, but I don’t understand how do I do such selection with that checker deselection tool.


Place active face as a one you want to start a count, set numbers.

Thanks, but I cant make it working. Here is my mesh, if somebody can explain how he selects with the checker deselect all the faces that are at bottom:

It may help you to understand how this works if you make a grid mesh (Shift-A > Grid) and use checker deselect.

Nth=5, Skip=1, Offset=0; active selected any bottom face.

Okay, thank you! eppo!

This tool still makes me wonder some things. For example why cannot I “walk” the selection with “offset”? It gets messed if I change that value. It just works strange / not how expected it to work. But maybe I can try to live with it.