Checker texture

Is there a way to use gradients as the sqaure colors in Checker texture node?

If you mean like a blur effect, then I don’t think it is all that possible to do it procedrually. There is the voronoi node you might want to take a look at, although it likely doesn’t have the same effect you are wanting.

It depends on what you are after…2 color gradient from side to side or diagonaly is easy…but if you want each square to be a gradient then I am not sure,perhaps if you subdivide and then assign it might work…

A lot is possible. But the question is unclear. Do you have an image of what you want to achieve? As others have shown already, the checker generator may not be the way to do it. Usually my tiles are a combination of generators to get whatever effects I want.

Checkers and gradient textures are both super easy to do with pure math on the texture coordinates.

Initial scaling by 0.999 is so I don’t have to handle equality, which Blender is bad at. You could put as many 9s there as you wanted. Conversion to -1,1 range of modulos is a way of doing an XOR to get a 3D checker. This particular material is drawing something like a gradient across an imaginary diagonal for each checker “cube”. (The length of this diagonal is a constant, in the coordinate space in which we’re evaluating it: square root of 3 divided by 2.) Not designed for negative coordinates, as those require a correction to the modulo.


I’ll try that out, thank you