This was a personal exercise in scene setting and post-processing.
The modelling is very simple, while I tried to focus the attention on the feelings that this scene wants to transmit.

Tell me if I have reached that goal :smiley:
Hope you like it

Yea you reached it :slight_smile: Very nice work. The lighting realy brings up the ambience of the scene :slight_smile:

I disagree about what BigBoom said about the lighting… i think it adds a sense of drama/tension to the image. Which is good due to the nature of you’re scene. The slight chromic abberation in the corners is also a nice touch :slight_smile:

Nice modelling and textures man, all in all a great piece of work :smiley:

very inspiring, i am considering doing a chess scene myself soon, being wanting to do one for years and never got around to it.

keep up the good work.


Hey, that is cruel!!! Since it is a mighty king…

Awesome picture. I am waiting for another work of yours!!!

Thank you guys!!!