Cheesasaurus Rex (commercial illustration)

Thank you for this post,Excellent.

I like how eyes (shading esp.) and the face around eyes are done.


Awesome Job man! Cheesasaurus Rex is a frickin’ noodle pimp! Do you think you’ll ever get a chance at any of their commercials?


Since you guys were interested in the spacesuit material, I took a screenshot of the settings. It’s doing some blending of materials, the most interesting is probably the fresnel material so that’s shown on the right - the other is a pretty standard oren-nayar/blinn.

Hmm, some very interesting stuff, there Broken, from what i can see atleast.
Your second image isn’t working.
Also if you are permitted, could you add this to the Blender Open Material Repository?

I think I saw a commercial using him! I’m not certain, but it looked just like this guy minus the space suit.

So not 100% done in blender?:frowning: that’s sad. So the cool things? AWESOE MODEL and i saw the commercial on live tv!

i like this one better than the one on the commercials XD

Hey Broken,

I was at the store today and saw a familiar face. :wink:

Hi Broken. That some very impressive work!

I picked up a box at a 7-11 store here in California.
Interesting to see how the images actually translate to a mass produced item like this. They look great! Shading, materials, textures… The print resolution is sharp. You can even see the stars on the flag patch (which is about 1/4 inch tall on the box).
Congradulations! :slight_smile:

P.S. Floating version: No helmet?

wow this would be cool in an animation lol =P

Nice work on the dinosaur.Like the name callled cheesesaurus lol sounds good.

We have that stuff in the UK - I have a box of it in my cupboard but we just get a picture of pasta on the front.

This style reminds me a lot of Venomgfx’s work.

It is in animation! I’ve seen it myself on tv! It has blooping mac and cheese!

:yes: Yep I saw the commercial yesterday.

Cool I like it. Keep up the good work. Also did they made a commercial with this can someone give me the link. Anyways if anyone is interested i found this guy on the kraft’s box on this site…Never mind some guy arleady took pics of it.

wow… fantastic!!

Very cute!

Blender is going places…Whoa!

Funny Char, strange Color :smiley: