Cheesasaurus Rex (commercial illustration)

After the many months that these things usually take to get out of the pipe and into the public, here’s a couple of illustrations that we did at work a little while ago for Kraft macaroni and cheese. These are probably on the packaging in the USA, but we’re here in Australia so I’ve never actually seen the finished product. It’s all Blender with Max an zbrush for modelling, with a little bit of photoshop retouching on top, I did the shading and rendering, modelling and posing was done by the other guys here.

Looks great. Was this just for Print media or TV. I swear I have seen this guy (with spacesuit) on a TV commercial.

Haha, thats some really great work, the shaders work almost perfectly, i’m assuming they had SSS on them?. I bet the AAO came in useful here too.

Only wierd things are the light spots over his nose.

nice work…i just loved the spacesuit!

intersting indeeed i li ke you dyno and his space suit tooo cool and simple


DichotomyMatt, we just did the print illustrations. I’ve seen some of the animated commercials and they’re great. They were done by these guys.

theANIMAL, yeah SSS, plus ramps (ramps especially on the pasta bits). No AAO though, this was from a good few months ago, and I’m not sure if I’d want to use it for stills anyway. The spacesuit’s using tangent space normal maps, painted in zbrush, and a node material mixing various specular passes, including a fresnel material. The spots are part of the texture, on the ‘official’ character, so can’t do anything about those :slight_smile:


lookoing nice! The spots are weird indeed, instead of that i´d have taken some other kind of special mark / sign on him, to let him look more interresting and individual / funny. His solid orange skin could be a bit boring. But great nevertheless! Especially the spacesiut´s looking exorbitant with kind of a glossy shader, is it phong ?

Cheesasaurus has been around a lot longer then Broken’s illustration, so it’s probable that Broken just did him (his skin and form) the way he appeared in commercials for years.

I’ve seen him on commercials looking nearly the same since before I found Blender.

That’s really good, i like how simple and “clean” he looks!

CD: whether the whatever precedes his work is not the issue. His rendering is top-notch.

That’s just damn good! So crisp and clean. I’ll have to look for him the next time I go to the grocery store.

Fantastic work broken!
Very professional looking. You have reconfirmed my faith that Blender is up there with the best!
The lighting the colours, are all spot on. I especially like the look of the cheesy splash in the first image. It looks delicious!
Some crits: In the first image the pose of the dinosaur looks odd. I suppose he’s in space? It just looks a little off. Also the pasta in front of the spoon should be moved to the right more. At first I thought the pasta was in the spoon, but then thought, ‘nah that can’t be right, it’s only half in!’ Looks bizarre where it is.

In the second picture, I could be the only one that thinks this mind you, but the spots along his nose look like a different shading style. Like you opted for cartoon cell shading for just that point. It was on further investigation that I realised they were spots.

Very minor. Nothing major.

Again, a fantastic render that really pushes it above and beyond any other commercial blender work I’ve seen. Look forward to seeing more of your work!

Off topic: You did the Bridgestone Gecko as well didn’t you?

Broken you are a GENIUS !!!
Congratulations, beautiful work

great work on render broken- I’ll have to take a look if I see that box at the supermarket… don’t expect me to eat that radioactive orange stuff though (no wonder the dino needs a spacesuit)

That looks awesome! I wish I could somehow get one here in Philippines and probably give some to my lil sis. hehe! :slight_smile:

Really nice shading. :smiley:

Thanks for the kind comments!

As noted, it’s a well established character and brand - we didn’t design it, we were contracted for this job to do a version of it for packaging. Of course we took great care to remain exact to the design/pencils as provided, which includes the spots.

redbyte, yes, in the context of the package, he’s floating in space, chasing after pasta (there are multiple versions, one with macaroni) with a space background behind. We only did the character illustration though, and supplied that to the agency, so that’s what’s

slikdigit, yeah I’d rather not eat plastic either…

Great work broken. Very professional stuff. Well, I guess it should be from a studio now, shouldn’t it? :wink:

Anyway, great that you could share this with us all here. And moved to the gallery.


Excellent Image! I just love the smooth look of the character and the noodles&cheese.

BTW, that shader for his space suit is spot on. You really need to explain IN DETAIL how you achieved that shader. :smiley:

That is great!

This needs a “case study” like article with some screen shots, discussing material setup, render breakdown, etc… on the site. The article should mention the other apps used as it’s important to show how well blender works with other applications like PS and Zbrush.