Cheese Grater

Rendered in indigo for 2 and a half hours. I probably should have let it bake for longer in hindsight.

thats some cool stuff there :smiley:

I’ve never seen a cheese grater that looks anything like that, but I guess that’s not the point:p. Cool render.

Maybe a bit more contrast…?

What other types are there? I only know of that sort.

Good, but it doesn’t stand out from the background enough.
I don’t really get what the thing on the left side is. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the model looks very good.

Well how could you possibly forget about microplanes?:eek::wink:

I agree that more contrast/less brightness in the object would do it some good. To me it looks as though it’s made of glass at the moment, instead of probably stainless steel. Because of that the grater parts don’t look sharp enough and just seem like dents. That’s the only crit i have though.

I added some more contrast to it.