I build very quick a cheeseburger. Perhaps i´ll make an animation.
Rendered in Blender. Hope you like it.

Very nice… But the burger looks a little dry, it needs to be more greasy…

cool very realistic.

I’ll take mine with bacon, please.


Thanks for the comments.
Here is a small animation.
The first peace is a little bit slow. don´t know why.

Very nice model, care to share?

Nice cheese shader! Could you share your settings?

Here the next animation.

And here a screenshot of the cheese-shader.


nice work, but cheese edge are so solid you could smooth it a little - i mean the thickness of it- :slight_smile:

the materials are good, but in order to be an accurate mcd’s burger, you gotta kind of smash the bun down and slide it off to the side, then grease it up. enjoy.

Pretty good stuff, the realism is there, but it looks slightly dry…
Very hard to get that final touch just right, even pixar had to go with a slightly stylized look in ratatouille.

It’s a nice read, really

Ha, I really enjoyed looking at this project. first off who doesn’t like cheeseburgers. Its well made, and the animations are great. Good job, if i was french, tres bien.