Chemical weapons factory vietnam

!970’s style abandoned chemical factory setting is Vietnam.

Did you save the image with the .jpeg compression turned way up for some reason (the quality is similar to a low resolution .gif right now)?

Re-render the image and save it as a .png file (or if you need to use jpeg have the compression turned all the way down).

I think I had the compression set to 15%, but I worked hard to make it blurry and with artifacts. . , haha, it was too clean looking otherwise for what I had in mind. I kind of wanted people to guess a little, squint and dream their way into it. I did a lot of experimental post processing in Gimp, so I don’t really want to go through the process again. It for Apocalypse now the video game fan art, it’s supposed to be like Fallout Vegas on LSD, so thats why I didn’t want a clean perfect looking render. I got the compressed look by adding plateaus to the color curves etc.