Chernobyl Liquidator

FAN made.

Free Control panel Model

here is a several shots i rendered inspired by the HBO Chernobyl series, as i was learning and getting myself up to date for the new 2.8 version of blender, i was watching the series and it gave to me a very good subject to work on and along a main theme.
So after exploring all the new features and tools i did these shots.

Most of models i used in this project are from 3D packs available online.
Animation are from Mixamo, skining done in blender.
I was very pleased to work with this updated version of cycles.
I am feeling comfortable enough on this version to work on tutorial.
Previz was made with EEVEE, then rendered in Cycles to get all the passes available and deal with large amount of polygons.
Render time was about 4-5 min by frame at 512 samples
Except large view, 10 min by frame.

I hope you’ll like it and as usual, if you have any question, feel free to ask in a comment and i’ll do my best to answer it.

The liquidator Model

PC spec : i7 6800 k, gtx 1080, 32 Go.


Awesome work as usual!
Very impressive to think you did everything yourself.

INSANE! Great work! :+1:

It looks awesome. :+1:

Wow!.. good stuff! But dude, you really need to pick up a copy of E-Cycles! Cut your renders by more than half.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

i didn’t know E-Cycles, look very interresting.

Yeah, anyone who does serious Cycles rendering is doing themselves quite the disservice if they are not using E-Cycles. All gain, no pain. Though, some would say “pain of $99…”, but I say “yo fool, this thing paid for itself in one day for me!”…

I am not even using RTX (yet), but I do have three 980Ti Hybrids, and E-C is still crushing it for me. My renders pretty much cut in half, going with the settings I use most often. Speaking of which, the Quick Settings menu alone is worth the price of admission.

Here is the E-Cycles thread, which prolly has some of the highest traffic on blenderartists:

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You can read more about this work on BlenderNation: