Cherries in bowl.

Just a little scene that I copied from a 3dtotal tutorial. Took 2 days on and off work.

the only thing that ruins the scene are the cherries themselfs

Yeah, I figure that I’ll just go on and next time I do SSS I’ll do better.

SSS is one thing, a lack of “visual noise” is another. I’m sure you could find some kind of texture, even a procedural one, that could give the cherries some life. You could also soften the specularity just a bit.

You can make colored specularity using the SpecRamp options. Reddish or pinkish specularity might make it blend in better. << inspiration :wink: (well something I hope ever to be able to do)

I know what you mean, Belpegor. Those are good suggestions, I might just do them, anyway. By the way, I did put a cloud texture on the cherries as a bump map.

Thanks, Biglines, for that inspiration. I didn’t go and look up what cherries really look like, so that’s why they look the way they do.