Cherry 0!

Hello, I’m Imael. I’m French and is my first post on BA. First, sorry for my english.
I’m play with Blender just less one year. For the moment i use Blender just for fun and make some good pictures.

I’ll would like to show you a wip, it’s a final result but we could always make better, if you like i can post some clay and other views.

The cherry shader is a full procedural, and the others are a mix on texture and procedural.

Critics are welcome.


My picture seem too big, what size do we need to use?

Nice work! If you added something to the background it would help complete the scene. The cherries the bowl and the table top look pretty good to me.

very nice , that front center cherry is the main one and it seems off , the green part is not coming out of the center , I would take this one to the back and bring in that nice dark one you have on the right mid ball upfront in its original pose and yeh like tom said a background will be awesome …very nice work .

Thank you for your feedback.
I have not modeled background, but I improved shader cherries and layout of the camera.

What do you think?