Cherry 7up Commercial Remake

Hi All,

I just took a look atgreyscalegorrila’s how to do the Cherry 7up look in Cinema4D. While blender does not seem to support the self-collision of particles, like Modynamics does, most other features were doable in Blender.

I emulated Nick’s work flow as closely as possible so the setup in Blender looks quite close to the C4D scene setup.

The cherry is fairly low-res and uses an HDRi image map in the reflection channel (which is not included in this download - too large).

Nick, of course, took it further with more processing in After Effects, but I wanted to present the main portion here with just the BLENDER scene to demonstrate how close you can get to C4D output in Blender.

Here is the scene and some images.


ras_cherry_7up_1a.blend (704 KB)

Thx for sharing!
Very nice effect, I think it looks and move great. Would like to see this pushed to the next level, with higher poly cherries.

Edit: Well NVM! Simply adding a subsurf modifier to the cherry object worked perfectly! And it only slowed down the render 2 seconds. What is there that Blender can’t do?

Great stuff Atom, I was wondering if blender could do that tutorial, I was going to ask, but you posted this before I could. Really sweet, now I need to dig through your project so I know how you did it. Thanks again.

I just did a video walk-through on the scene construction.

You can view it here:

I found that yesterday top notch stuff. Thanks again.

Just learned the 2.49 file does not work in 2.5.

Here is the fix:
Open up the 2.49 file in Blender 2.5.
Select the word “cherry” then activate the Particle Context tab.
Scroll down to Force Field Settings and click “Location” and “Rotation” check box.

Repeat for the other text object as well.

Everything works in 2.5 now!

It seems the Effect Point check boxes are off by default in 2.5.

(not tested - just thinking)
Under physics there is a checkbox for size deflect, which I believe uses the particle size (located nearby) for a spherical collision detection, which for a fast moving group like the cherries could work.

One option may be to use soft body collision. If the particle object is enabled as soft body with settings to make it fairly rigid (more like solid rubber than jelly) and turn on soft body collision.

I also wonder if a more recent version (2.56/7) may also be able to use fluid physics. The samples I have seen show spheres to display the particle interactions - wonder if the sphere display is fixed - or just the spherical collision setting anyway?