Chess Board

After 2 weeks of playing with Blender I’ve finally finished first serious work. Simple scene, simple modelling - but it’s the first work. C&C welcome


very nice, especially after two weeks. I think it nicely portays the features of blender. did you do internal, or did you use yafray?

Although this is a very nice bit of modeling, two aspects stand out distinctly…

(1) Bright specular highlights. Too bright, unless they’re made out of metal.

(2) A curious lack of shadows.

Modeling? Great. Background? Great.

eh? i see shadows… they’re very soft however, and that’s not very realistic.
also, the metal needs to have a darker ref. value or something to increase the contrast of the reflection, metal has very contrasty reflections…

Maybe it’s just me, but the (hdri?) reflection looks like the reflection is of the chess board sitting across the room…

I used YafRay renderer

Thanx. I know about specular highlights and couldn’t get rid of them, but I will try to work on it. I’m still at the beginning :wink: