Chess board

here is a little project ive been working on, any constructive critisism would be great!

Nice !

Maybe an HDRi to light the scene so u’ll get some nice reflexion? My opinion.

it looks nice but would have to say its not bright enough…render in cycles or enable environment lighting :smiley:

Looks nice, but try a little roughness on the glossy; they seem too reflective.

Very nice. I’m trying to make a chess board as well, but it’s not turning out anywhere near as nice as yours is.

I have to agree with peter18: I think it should brighter. Also the Kings and Queens are on the wrong squares, though it’s rather hard to differentiate the pieces because the little crosspieces on the Kings are a tad small. And the tops of the Rooks look a bit too high and large. Other than these points it looks pretty good; I quite like the reflections on the minor pieces, but on the major pieces the reflections are a bit odd. The geometry is good; proper proportions and all that. A nicely made chessboard, nice enough to make me want to play a game on it.

i aimed for a “darker” aproach but i’ll make a brighter one aswell,
@Bilbert: i consider myself an experienced chess player but you’re clearly right the pieces are on wrong squares (can’t belive i didn’t notice).
ill change the size of the cross but in the case of the rook, iactually modeled it of a refrence image sothey can’t be all to wrong :wink:

thanks for all the opinions btw and please keep adding. will post an update as son as its done

Not sure if it was intentional but the pieces (white especially) are really reflective. They look good for a chrome material, but I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for. Other than that is seems very good.