Chess Computer: Check

Thanks for looking!


Looks like you’re peaking inside the mind of a number crunching computer.

The bright greenish white spot makes it more interesting. A well done Abstract.

I don’t care if you used heavy use of subdivision and converting to triangles, duplicating circle meshes, and rendering as wire, it’s good.

Yeah,but knowing this guy, he didn’t do it that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice… considering this is probably simpler than many of your projects (though I could be wrong) I actually like it a lot more than other things you do. There are so many levels of depth to this… I could look at it for quite a long time.

Now this I like. First of all, it’s a nice departure from the norm for you. It has a nice clean, crisp feeling to it. Secondly, I really enjoy the idea that symbology is hidden in the meaning of the bright square but it isn’t shoved in your face like many modern art pieces do. And finally, you made good use of repeating patterns such as the multi-layered circles with enough variety within the sub-group to keep it from simply feeling tiled.

All in all, while your normal pieces are wonderful expressions, this is a very nice subtle one to round out your work. Good work.

Any complex story to this piece I don’t see. Something about life is math and the computer’s thoughts or something and maybe gets a high point in its calculation which is the solution in all that searching.:spin:

Im with blenditall on this one. Seems on the simpler side perhaps, but it has a lot more appeal than a lot of your recent work.

Wonderful image.

this is a good abstract part, but I would still like to see a wire. I want to see how this is 3d. Is there some sort of mathematical equation in there? It seems like it has patterns emulating in there? Does it code for some secret message? I guess its a good abstract if it makes me ask questions.

Chess computer? It’s the Turk!!

I’m getting a rubix cube, checkers, packman, Gish (thats the name of a computer game) sort of vibe of this.

All i know is that i wish you could do a bigger widescreen version of this, i think it could be extended in the red direction, where the red represents darkness, or some sort of evil and the green represents the light flooding form the… door?

Lovely image.
How’d you make the spiral? ^^